Skin or Gold / Constantinos Ptochopoulos

Constantinos Ptochopoulos is a contemporary figurative painter, with a B.A. in Fine Arts from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. With more than twenty group and seven solo exhibitions, he is best known for his large to small scale impressionistic style portraits of oil paintings on custom-made canvases and wooden panels.Growing up in an artist’s family, reinforced his love for expressive art. Constantinos’s portraits are a constant research to capture, human’s essence and spirit. As he explains:

‘My main focus in art is the human condition as a coherent whole: body, mind and soul in constant dialogue with an ever-evolving exterior. I am deeply interested in what it means to be human in today’s challenging times; the flaws, the failures, and the daily triumphs.'

Skin or Gold   Constantinos Ptochopoulos (c) Oil on canvas 140×120 cm

Skin or Gold
Constantinos Ptochopoulos (c)
Oil on canvas
140×120 cm

Since 2013, he founded ‘School of Arts - Constantinos Ptochopoulos’, where he helps young artists develop their talents. Constantinos’s works have been exhibited in the UAE, UK, Greece, and Cyprus and are part of major private and corporate collections internationally. In the Middle East, Constantinos is represented by The Art Cocoon Gallery, an online contemporary art gallery, based in Dubai. 

Constantinos’s works are organized in single theme series. His latest is entitled Urban Wonders and Skin or Gold.  He paints portraits of people in their urban environments or he creates carefully crafted interior settings for his models. His paintings are a skillful combination of academic realism and impressionism. On ‘Skin or Gold’, Constantinos Ptochopoulos, narrates the stories of fellow human beings. 'The faces are both familiar and distant, despite being covered with gold, they are impressively human. They are portrayed in private settings; in rooms, full of memory and oblivion'. Gold does not conceal but, to the contrary, reveals the depth of a highly variable and rich psychological landscape. 

Urban Wonders   Constantinos Ptochoupoulos (c) Oil on wood 30×50 cm

Urban Wonders
Constantinos Ptochoupoulos (c)
Oil on wood
30×50 cm

In every piece of work, we see a fellow human who feels joy, sorrow or anxiety and looks for hope in an undefined source. Ptochopoulos' poses a question: ‘What is more important in life, gold and whatever else it stands for or the individual as a person?’ With the power of his art, he gives an unambiguous answer. Gold is a negligible outer layer and a fruitless devotion to matter and vanity. True wealth is to be found in every human, in its vibrating soul and skin, which expresses joy and sorrow and bares the promise of a better tomorrow.

Seascape , 2016  Constantinos Ptochopoulos (c) Oil on wood 175 × 150 cm

Seascape, 2016
Constantinos Ptochopoulos (c)
Oil on wood
175 × 150 cm

All artworks are available for sale.
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All works by Constantinos Ptochoupoulos
Courtesy of Constantinos Ptochoupoulos and Art Cocoon Gallery (c)

Beneath The Broken Glass // Connie Noyes

They say 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', and looking among us nowadays, the ones that thrive of sustainability are truly the fittest survivors when it comes to projecting our contemporary times and social constructions. Connie Noyes is an artist of that sort, adopting urban dwelling habits to produce interdisciplinary artworks that examine nowadays assigned values of idealized beauty. 

Illusion , 2016  Connie Noyes (c) Mirror cuts and paint 59 1/10 × 59 1/10 × 3 1/10 in 150 × 150 × 8 cm (frontal view)

Illusion, 2016
Connie Noyes (c)
Mirror cuts and paint
59 1/10 × 59 1/10 × 3 1/10 in
150 × 150 × 8 cm (frontal view)

Connie Noyes is born in Washington D.C., received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MA degree in Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont California. Noyes' inspiration thrives in materials, in her innate curiosity and the act of making; by transforming discarded or worthless materials and identified sites into highly valued objects or socially acceptable gathering spaces. What comes, as a result, is a transformation from the worthless to the seductively rich. The thought-provoking perceptions are often connected with the history of what lies beneath the surface and how it is revealed and disguised. Through actions both in the studio and on site, the artist questions: what constitutes beauty and worth?

Illusion , 2016  Connie Noyes (c) Mirror cuts and paint 59 1/10 × 59 1/10 × 3 1/10 in 150 × 150 × 8 cm (side view)

Illusion, 2016
Connie Noyes (c)
Mirror cuts and paint
59 1/10 × 59 1/10 × 3 1/10 in
150 × 150 × 8 cm (side view)

The piece Illusion, seen at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2016, presented by Salwa Zeidan Gallery, is based on Noyes’ interest in cognitive science. Though there are many social constructions agreed upon by society, individual realities are based on thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Illusion plays with this idea. The impression the work generates is influenced by surrounding colors, objects, lighting, and the deconstructed reality created by the reflections in the mirror or hidden parts in the chrome paint. From there, the perceived story ultimately forms the viewers' unique experience, as everyone sees something different.

Connie Noyes' works are available for purchase. For further inquiries please contact / or visit Salwa Zeidan Gallery

Connie Noyes will be in residence at IRT theater in NYC this December working on the project “Fractured Hearts and Lurid Details” with playwright Pamela Enz. 

Tar For Thought / Hani Zurob

Morning transcendence, as if fused under fortune-telling patterns in coffee grounds, Hani Zurob's works provide a collective experience and an open field to one lands' voice and aesthetic, to interpret modern day Palestine and embrace universal humanity beyond personal context.

Tar 3 , 2016  Hanni Zurob Tar and pigments on canvas 24 x 18 cm

Tar 3, 2016
Hanni Zurob
Tar and pigments on canvas
24 x 18 cm

Zurob moved to Nablus in 1994 and graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts at Al-Najah University in 1999. He then settled in Ramallah until 2006, where he received a grant for a residency in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts. Hani was unable to return to his homeland after that. He lives in France today, creating works that explore a state of exile, waiting, movement and displacement - presenting Palestine through a personal perspective and conceptual context that transcends borders and geography - concepts that remain close to the painter's heart.

Tar 5 , 2016  Hanni Zurob Tar and pigments on canvas 24 x 18 cm

Tar 5, 2016
Hanni Zurob
Tar and pigments on canvas
24 x 18 cm

Hani Zurob participated in numerous international solo exhibitions in Paris, London, Atlanta, Marrakech, Doha and Rabat, as well as group exhibitions and artistic venues in Europe and worldwide. Without excluding Zurob's homeland solo exhibitions in Palestine. 

Tar 1 , 2016  Hanni Zurob Tar and pigments on canvas 24 x 18 cm

Tar 1, 2016
Hanni Zurob
Tar and pigments on canvas
24 x 18 cm

His work is found in private and public collections at the Arab American National Museum (AANM) in Dearborn, Michigan; the Williamsburg Art & Historical Centre in New York; the Association Renoir, France; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; Mairie de Paris, Hôtél de Ville, Paris; Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah; Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait; A. M. Qattan Foundation, London-Ramallah; the Birzeit University Museum collection, Birzeit, Palestine; the Ramzi Dalloul Collection, Lebanon; and the George Michael Al Ama Collection, Palestine.

Tar 4 , 2016  Hanni Zurob Tar and pigments on canvas 24 x 18 cm

Tar 4, 2016
Hanni Zurob
Tar and pigments on canvas
24 x 18 cm

Hani Zurob's works have been spotted by the Middle East Art Collector Association at the Abu Dhabi Art 2016, represented by Gallery One - Ramallah. 

For further inquiries please contact
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Work by Hani Zurob (c)

Raves on Canvas / Omar Zeidan

Illustrated rave sounds of dynamic and vibrant hues is Omar Zeidan’s passion for techno music, that shifted to painting and recently made an appearance at the Abu Dhabi Art 2016, presented by Salwa Zeidan Gallery.

The multitalented Omar Zeidan is a Lebanese techno composer and digital artist who was born in Abu Dhabi in 1983. His works of music show rapid influence on his paintworks. These include large canvases brushed in oil, with vivid colours melting like an electronic build-up, that creates a 3-dimensional feeling. 

Omar Zeidan's artworks have already been sold in the UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain and all over the Middle East. Hosting two solo shows and having his works in notable collections of individuals - the Royal family of Kingdom of Bahrain and the UAE Royal family. Moreover, his works can be found with many large corporate entities such as Hilton Capital Grand and Mubadala Healthpoint Hospital. 

Several pieces from the show, the ‘Illustion of Solitarity’ are still available for purchase.  
For further inquiries contact or visit Salwa Zeidan Gallery 

Courtesy of Salwa Zeidan and Omar Zeidan (c) 
All works by Omar Zeidan.

Scribble Check - Kourosh Shishegaran

What we see below is a painting from 1997, acrylic and inkjet on canvas, rectangular frame of 180 by 135 cm. It is entitled Vase and would fit various interiors but somehow there is more to it. For instance, similar to the ever-changing movement, speed, and micro-organization of our time, the brushes across and over are made in dynamic coloured strokes and as much as we feel the ease of their random and arbitrary placement, they are composed as such by the artists’ planned means. 

Vase , 1997  Kourosh Shishegaran Acrylic colour and inkjet print on canvas 180 × 135 cm

Vase, 1997
Kourosh Shishegaran
Acrylic colour and inkjet print on canvas
180 × 135 cm

The creator in context is one of the most emotive and truly contemporary Iranian artists named Kourosh Shishegaran. Born in Qazvin-Iran in 1944, the artists’ career times over six decades. Shishegaran is best known for his flowing abstract works such as the Table, where the choice of colour palette and curvilinear dynamics depicts the modern era human being. 

Kourosh Shishegaran has participated in group exhibitions and biennials in Iran and abroad. His last solo exhibition was in Opera Gallery, London (2012). International group exhibitions list Wash Art in Washington (1977), Basel, Switzerland (1978), Millennium Painting Exhibition in London (1999), Exhibition of Iranian Art in Rome (2000), Meridian International Center, USA (2001-2003), Barbican Art Center, London (2001), Beijing International Biennial (2003), and Opera Gallery, London (2013). A recent appearance of Shishegaran's work was as part of the Shirin Gallery Tehran's representative collection of Iranian artworks, at the Abu Dhabi Art 2016.

Table , 1997  Kourosh Shishegaran Oil on canvas 27 3/5 in diameter; 70 cm diameter

Table, 1997
Kourosh Shishegaran
Oil on canvas
27 3/5 in diameter; 70 cm diameter

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or visit Shirin GalleryAbu Dhabi Art
Work by Koorosh Shishegaran (c)

Zad Moultaka / spotted at Abu Dhabi Art 2016

Earthy pastels and nude-coloured shreds, still paper-folded wrinkles and an airy feel are a few of the impressions left after spotting Zad Moultaka’s fine artworks, represented by Galerie Janine Rubeiz at the Abu Dhabi Art 2016. 

                                            Zad Moultaka, Come In Terra VII, 2014,
                                                                      mixed media on paper,
                                                                                          7 x 87 cm.

                                                              (c) Zad Moultaka & Galerie Janine Rubeiz 

Beirut-born in 1967, Zad Moultaka is best known as a classical music composer and pianist, with his personal approach to researching the differences between Western notations and the narrative orality of the Arab world, in an attempt to express one in the terms of the other and grasp the acoustic consequence. His expressions in paint came later, and ever since 2013, the artissimo has been represented by Galerie Janine Rubeiz, to follow their mission on prevailing promoting cultural politics in Lebanon. Zad Moultaka's paintings resemble a mix of free streamline consciousness translated using mixed-media - painted shreds of paper, sculpted with water and other natural elements.

Are his hands of a composer, a pianist or a painter? Nevertheless, his pictorial compositions blossom both locally and internationally – from Beirut to Paris. In addition and to the future, Zad Moultaki has now been now been chosen to be featured as a Lebanese representative at the 57th Annual Venice Biennale.

          Zad Moultaka, Come In Terra VII, 2014, 
                                    mixed media on paper,
                                                         7 x 87 cm.

                        (c) Zad Moultaka & Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Yin ZhaoYang at Aura Gallery in Taipei

Following the global phenomenon of Chinese contemporary fine art, Aura Gallery presents the work of a ‘post-70's’ artist Yin ZhaoYang at the Panorama solo exhibition in Taipei. On display, is a selection of dynamic mountainscapes or ShanShui, the artist’s latest paintings from 2013 onwards.

                                                                                                          (c) aura gallery, Yin ZhaoYang

                                                                                                          (c) aura gallery, Yin ZhaoYang

Yin ZhaoYang was born in the Henan Province in 1970, a painter of the generation led by the performance/installation-oriented works of Zhang Huan and Xu Bing. After studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Yin developed the ‘collage of ideals’ with a preference for effective imagery based on icons such as Mao Zedong, Tiananmen Square, and the flag of China. This may trigger a call to the western tradition of the 60’s and 70’s – political pop, kitsch or gaudy art, the works of Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol, where Mao is so often on display. Nonetheless, Yin reflects on these powerful imageries in terms of narrativity, aesthetics, and sentimental memory. On a quest to exploring their relevance and humanistic concern to a society and the inner self.

For Panorama, the scales of the landscape play a role of absorbing the viewer into the mountains and forests. While the heavy texture demonstrates a strong fascination with the technique of shaping classical scenery that resonates with national nostalgia and pride for Chinese culture and the very act of painting. “By reference, the act alone is already enough to inspire people”, explains Yin in an interview for ‘Art. Investment’.  However, the paintings do not come out in a way of trying to depict the reality we know, but one that stands between the artist’s feelings, amplified through heightened colours, into an almost abstract image and the actuality of a scene we are rewarded to witness. 

The Panorama exhibition is ongoing until November 19th, 2016 at the Aura Gallery in Taipei.  

Open: Tuesday - Saturday / 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Venue: Aura Gallery - 1F No.313 Sec. 1 DunHua S. Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan
For further inquiries contact or visit aura gallery
Photos courtesy of aura gallery, Beijing, and Taipei
All works by Yin ZhaoYang (c)

United Arab Emirates to launch first Art Collector Association

The United Arab Emirates launches it's first Art Collector Association providing UAE based art collectors a network and platform that unites collectors in the Middle East. The association is a fellowship and alliance for those with a keen interest in art, that educates, brings knowledge, business opportunities, network events, art market insights, art investment opportunities. 

A platform where UAE based art collectors can socialise, discuss business, luxuriate, and find interest and be part of an exclusive UAE art society for collectors and art connoisseurs of the finest class. With VIP invitations to attend the most inspiring and interesting International Art Fairs, such as Frieze, Art Dubai, Art Basel, and the new emerging MACA Art Fair platform. 

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