Art is a form of an experiance of myself. I develop impressions of my daily life. My paintings are a combination of oil and acrylic on canvas, prefered with spattle. In addition, I love to develop it by photography and change one picture into different ones. Like Picasso said: There is not just one truth, otherwise you can not paint hundereds of pictures oft he same theme.

In addition, I love to photograph and to modify it into a colored world. Focus on something simple and ask, is everything like it looks like?

Live your live colorful! Don´t think things are like you want to see...

Exhibitions: 2008: Korntal – Fotografie trifft Malerei (single exhibition in Germany) 2008: Schweier Fellbach (single exhibition - car showroom in Germany) 2010-2013: Berlitz Stuttgart (single exhibition - company in Germany) 2013-2014: Gallery more-image Germany) 2014: Gallery Nestel, Stuttgart (single exhibition in Germany) 2016: Bruckmühle Schwieberdingen (pair exhibition in Germany) 2016: Gallery Feldstraße 79 in Bremen (single exhibition in Germany) 2016: Kunstmesse Leipzig (art fair in Germany) 2016: Nominated für the Kitz Award 2017 (Austria) 2017: Single exhibition in Brenner Café Stuttgart (Germany) 2017: Single exhibition at Hüttig & Rompf AG Stuttgart (company in Germany) 2017: Fine Art Gallery Dubai

Preview 2017: April: Galleria360 in Florence (Italy) - Group exhibition „International“ April: World Art Dubai Mai: Publication in „Aktuelle Kunst heute 2017“ (artbook) Mai: International Art Fair Ingolstadt (Germany) June: Single exhibition Berlitz Berlin (company in Germany) Aug.: International Art Fair Amsterdam (Netherlands) Nov.: Kunstmesse Leipzig (art fair in Germany)