The Middle East Art Collector Association is an exclusive members society for Middle East based art collectors with a high interest in the global art market. The Association has developed a special program where art collectors can unite at VIP international art events. 

Members receive complimentary VIP Tickets to exclusive art events, monthly newsletters with the latest news and art market insights, complimentary gifts by our partners, invitations to private events, workshops, openings, parties, and are part of an exclusive art society in the Middle East.

Applications to join Middle East Art Collector Association are dealt with at regular meetings of the Association’s board members. If you are a Middle East based Art Collector or Dealer then submit for application. 

Our Story

With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Middle East Art Collector Association has been established over the recent years with the focus on Contemporary and Modern Art. Uniting Art Collectors based in the Middle East that have a passion for fine art, whether it to be an investable point of view, dealership, or pure admiration. Our Patrons encourage the art & culture perspective of the Middle East and support the association throughout.  

Our Passion

The Middle East Art Collector Association is passionate to keep Art Collectors informed of the emerging art market. We provide insights to the latest developments and keep our clients abreast of contemporary and modern art news on a global level. We find it of importance to form an exclusive society for the Middle East art collectors, a fellowship and alliance that offer network opportunities with like-minded art aficionado's, a place where the members can socialise, discuss business, explore art investment opportunities luxuriate, and find interest.

Join the Association

The association entails a selective membership program for Middle East collectors and gives them the right to make use of our partner complimentary benefits - alongside the services that the Middle East Art Collector Association provide. Be part of an exclusive art society in the Middle East for collectors and art connoisseurs of the finest class. To submit you must meet certain criteria explained in the membership application form.

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We are proud to have more than 300 art collectors part of the Middle East Art Collector Association and positively growing rapidly.

We invite Partners to connect with us that can offer viable services to our Collector database. 

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Please note that not all requests are granted. We carefully select appropriate partnership collaborations and sponsorships in accordance to the Middle East Art Collector Association terms of business.